Eric DeCosta can’t fail Lamar Jackson the way Ozzie Newsome failed Joe Flacco

It was a move we all saw coming. We all knew one way or another Joe Flacco would be wearing a different uniform in 2019. Some expected the Ravens front office to eventually cut the veteran quarterback, and some figured that some GM would come calling for Joe. And that’s exactly what happened, and that somebody was John Elway. An executive that to put nicely, hasn’t had the best luck with picking QBs.

Marty Mornhinweg must go in 2019

The Ravens fanbase has been divided over the last several weeks. Between the Lamar Jackson vs Joe Flacco debate, or to fire or retain Head Coach John Harbaugh in 2019. But one subject I think the entire fanbase can come to agree on is: Offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg must go in 2019. There is just no simpler way to put it.

Purple Reign Fantasy Show Week 16 Championship Edition

The Purple Reign Fantasy Show is here to get you ready for your Fantasy Championship game! We recap the CRAZY week 14/15 FF playoff games and go in-depth on the players that won or lost you the chance at the crown. The Ravens/Bucs is discussed, a look ahead to the Chargers game, Starts/Sits, Booms/Busts, the …

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