Post Game Breakdown: Ravens vs Brown

Browns 40, Ravens 25 Twitter: @GabeWilkes What a disaster. Offense: The Browns defense completely shut down the Ravens offense. Mark Ingram had a decent game running for 71 yards on 12 carries, but besides that, the Ravens offense could not get anything done consistently. The Ravens only had 10 points in the first half which came …

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Ravens vs Dolphins Post Game Breakdown

Follow me on Twitter @GabeWilkes Ravens vs Dolphins Post Game Breakdown: Ravens defeat Dolphins 59-10 Offense: Wow! What a performance from start to finish for the Ravens offense. They exploded for 59 points, which was a Ravens franchise record. The offense also had a franchise record with 42 points at halftime. Right away, Mark Ingram broke …

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Eric DeCosta can’t fail Lamar Jackson the way Ozzie Newsome failed Joe Flacco

It was a move we all saw coming. We all knew one way or another Joe Flacco would be wearing a different uniform in 2019. Some expected the Ravens front office to eventually cut the veteran quarterback, and some figured that some GM would come calling for Joe. And that’s exactly what happened, and that somebody was John Elway. An executive that to put nicely, hasn’t had the best luck with picking QBs.