As the Ravens pull ahead in the playoff race, a dilemma must be answered

The Ravens put themselves in a good spot on Sunday afternoon. They moved ahead in the playoff race as they kept control of that sixth playoff spot in the AFC. With six game remaining, they control their own destiny in making the postseason for the first time in four years. But as they prepare for the Atlanta Falcons next Sunday, Coach Harbaugh and the coaching staff have a dilemma that must be answered: Lamar Jackson, or Joe Flacco? There are some fans that might be reluctant to admit so, but right now there is a quarterback controversy in Charm City, whether you want to admit or not. Fans and analysts crown it as such from the moment Ozzie Newsome traded up and drafted Lamar Jackson in the first round back in April. Which I think most Raven fans will say is ridiculous, me included. But as Lamar Jackson sits at 2-0 as a starter, you have to think that Harbaugh will roll with the hot hand and hope to continue the momentum in the last stretch of the season. But on the other hand, most of us can see Harbaugh being too stubborn for his own good and staying loyal to his veteran quarterback that he’s had since coming to Baltimore. The coaching staff may look at it from a standpoint where they think they owe Joe one more chance in what could be his final year in the city of Baltimore. Its one of those things where you can see it going either way like a 50/50-coin flip.

Five possible Head Coaching candidates to replace John Harbaugh in 2019

Reports came out a few days ago from a handful of credible sources that the Baltimore Ravens and Head Coach John Harbaugh were preparing for a mutual split following the 2018 NFL season. Harbaugh has been the coach of the Ravens since the 2008 season. And the team has enjoyed some good memories with the tenured coach. A Super Bowl win in New Orleans, 15 playoff games, 10 of which were won. The first five of his six years in Baltimore were winning seasons. But ever since winning Super Bowl 47, it just hasn’t been the same team. Ever since Ray Lewis and Ed Reed were no longer there to be vocal leaders in the locker room and on the defense. Luck has certainly played a factor into why the Ravens haven’t been able to get themselves back into the playoffs. The Antonio Brown touchdown on Christmas two years ago that eliminated them from the playoffs. The 4th and 12 play that ended in a touchdown and ultimately ended up eliminating them from the playoffs as well. But bad luck doesn’t cause you to go 44-45 over the last five years.

Why the Amari Cooper trade could be a win for Baltimore

The Cowboys made a pretty questionable trade Monday afternoon. As they agree to trade their first-round draft pick in 2019 to the Oakland Raiders. Who next year, will be playing in Las Vegas. The Raiders now own three first rounders in this upcoming NFL Draft. We’re a long way away from April and knowing any type of draft order, but Gruden and the Raiders, could very possibly walk away with Nick Bosa, Devin White and Trayvon Mullen or maybe a player like DeAndre Baker depending on how the Chicago Bears and the Dallas Cowboys finish out their season. Players like those could really shape a team’s defense for the future. And they would also certainly help sell tickets out there in the desert.

Quick Slants: Baltimore Ravens vs Tennessee Titans

If there is a worse feeling than picking up a date from a family reunion, it happened to the Ravens last weekend. While these most certainly aren't your Grandfather's Cleveland Browns anymore, the feeling of defeat in a game you should have won is hard to enjoy. That's either here nor there, as we travel …

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