My Thoughts on the Ravens vs Titans Game

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Photo via Baltimore Sun

By: Gabe Wilkes

Well that stunk. The season that was so much fun and had so much promise is officially over. It still hasn’t fully set in yet, but I have a lot of thoughts on this game that I need to write about.

This loss hurts a lot. I am not the oldest Ravens fan, I am only 19 years old, but I was born and raised apart of Ravens Flock. This loss might hurt just as much, if not more, than the Lee Evans drop and the Billy Cundiff missed field goal in 2011, solely due to the fact that this team was so talented and finished witha 14-2 record with high hopes for a Super Bowl.

The Ravens were completely out-coached and out-played. I don’t know what the gameplan was going into the game, but I am sure Greg Roman and John Harbaugh didn’t have only 9 combined runs for the running backs in mind. The coaching staff completely went against what they have been doing all year. The Ravens were only down 14-6 at one point, so I don’t know why Roman just decided to abandon the run.

There will be some Ravens fans that will probably hope that Greg Roman gets the Browns job after this performance, but they shouldn’t. Let’s not forget that this was the number 2 offense in the NFL, and Greg Roman helped Lamar and Harbaugh revolutionize the game.

On defense we just couldn’t stop Derrick Henry. I don’t know if anyone can, but he ran for 195 yards. I would’ve thought that Wink Martindale and the defense could’ve at least found a way to slow him down a bit.

However, with all that said, the future is still bright. We still have the MVP on this team. There is going to be a narrative now from many people that Lamar can’t win in the playoffs and I already know that is going to drive me insane this offseason. This was only year 2 for him. This loss wasn’t on him. He played his heart out and practically carried the team. He didn’t have any help. The Ravens receivers, tight ends, and running backs, dropped a combined 6 passes. That is unacceptable. The play calling was awful, and the offensive line probably had their worst game of the season. Now I am not saying that Lamar was perfect, he was far from it, it probably was his worst game of the year. However, he still had 365 yards passing and 143 rushing. I know a lot of that came in garbage time, but no one else in the league or history of the NFL can put up stats like that. He will be the MVP, and even after a rough game this team will be special for the next decade with Lamar leading it.

Lamar Jackson is still the MVP.

Eric DeCosta is still a stud general manager.

John Harbaugh is still a great coach.

The fans need to still need to have Big Truss for the future.

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