Third and Long: Big Truss


Last week we got a potential Super Bowl match-up between the league’s two best teams in rain soaked Baltimore. It was a hard hitting affair with each team landing a big blow and then the other responding in kind. It was the type of the game that you felt which ever team would have the ball last would pull out the victory. And so it was as Justin Tucker once again hit a big kick to win a big game for the Ravens.

Baltimore is in uncharted territory as they currently sit atop the AFC as the bitter chill of December is upon us.

It’s new and exciting.

It doesn’t get any easier as this week they travel to face Buffalo, a team with a good young quarterback of their own and the a top five defense.

Can the Ravens win their ninth straight? Would anyone doubt them at this point?

  1. Big Truss- Urban Dictionary defines this phrase as “I agree” or  “belee dat”. Whatever it’s meaning it’s become a term synonymous with the Ravens success this season and its main contributor Lamar Jackson. It describes a bond between the Quarterback and his teammates. It’s a phrase that provides a stable foundation for the team to be able to go out each week and accomplish great things against any opponent. It has become almost a rallying cry for this group and I found it interesting how the 49ers were shown mocking it on the sidelines during last week’s game. They don’t get it, so they make fun of it. To be fair, they wouldn’t get it because they don’t have Lamar Jackson. So welcome Big Truss you’ve joined, Festivus, and Mile High Miracle in the pantheon of Baltimore football lore.
  2.  Pay Attention to your Bills– Buffalo has only one victory against a team that is currently above .500. So yes I’m pulling the “they haven’t beaten anyone” card on Josh Allen and his crew. A win over Baltimore would be that signature victory that they haven’t been able to grab this year. It provides legitimacy to their record and their prospects of doing damage as a playoff contender. They are a classic underdog that reminds me of past Ravens teams, which does have me slightly concerned. Their defense has been more aggressive in the past few weeks registering 15 sacks in the their last three games. On offense they will look to run the football near the edges, a weakness that was exploited last week by San Fran. They also have Josh Allen who has mobility to turn broken plays into positive yards. It will be a tough test so don’t make the mistake of overlooking these Buffaloes.
  3.  Who to Watch– The Offensive Line has been incredibly solid and loss of Matt Skura for the year was the first major blow to the unit. Rookie Patrick Mekari hasn’t missed a step and makes his second career start today. He’ll be tested by Jordan Phillips who has 7 1/2 sacks and provides interior pressure for Buffalo. On Defense, the Ravens secondary led by Marlon Humphrey and Marcus Peters will have their hands full with former Raven John Brown who is not only running the fly pattern in 2019 as well as Cole Beasley who has been key on third-downs.


Game-Time Snack of the Week

Buffalo Chicken Sliders

Go Ravens and Happy Football!

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