Third and Long: That’s Fire


Well, it’s good to be back.

I wonder sometimes if I was even missed. The void of cyberspace can be lonely sometimes and the lack of feedback can make you feel like you’re talking to yourself. I’m not complaining though. How could I?

In the meantime the Ravens have become the hottest team in the league and Lamar Jackson is capturing the hearts and minds of fans across this great nation. Baltimore is no longer in the disrespected underdog role that they so crave. Instead they currently stand as a #2 seed with a victory over the Patriot Empire among many that have fallen to this dynamic offense and revitalized defense.

As a fan since day one, it feels as if we are entering new territory. It’s only the fourth time in team history that the offense is in the top ten for yards gained. Aside from last season’s switch to Lamar and a run centered attack you’d have to go all the way back to the Testaverde days of 1996 and 97.

Now that’s some perspective.

We are entering a new age in Baltimore, so enjoy the ride and we’ll see where this team ends up in February.

  1.  Run Run Ravens– In week 11, Baltimore gained 256 yards against a top five run defense in Houston. This week they face a Rams run defense that is also top five and boasts a two-time Defensive player of the year in Aaron Donald. Until proven different I have no worry that Baltimore will be able to move the ball against their front. By the way, Lamar threw four touchdowns last week. While they can ground and pound with the league’s best it’s the improved passing game that truly makes the offense so unpredictable and effective. I apologize for gushing so much. As I said earlier we just aren’t used to being a top pro offense. Meanwhile, the Rams have become a team that relies on the run game, wants to limit possessions and allow their defense to carry them at times. That formula has worked well in Charm City over the years but I have to say I love the new look Blackbirds much more.
  2.  Regression progression– If you watched the Bears/Rams tilt last week you saw a game that was barely watchable and an affront to modern offensive football. So what happened to Jared Goff? He signed a 4-year contract worth millions after two successful seasons of development and a Super Bowl appearance. This season he’s looked ordinary and he’s regressed in almost every metric across the board. The team also needs to revamp an aging line and they’ve had health issues at the other skill positions. The Jalen Ramsey trade left them without first round picks for years. This team all of a sudden looks headed for the basement in a crowded NFC West that seems to be filled with quality teams, many which are on the rise.
  3.  Who to watch– On offense, Lamar Jackson is the answer each and every week. You have no idea what he’s going to do with his legs or his arm to seemingly always give his team a chance to win. On defense, take a look at rookie Jaylon Ferguson. Each week he’s gotten more snaps and each week he gets better. Against Houston, “Sack Daddy” got his first of his pro career at home. Here’s to many more.

Raven of the Game

The first quarterback in Ravens history. Vinny T was known for his big arm and his turnovers, usually at a most crucial time. During his two years here he did lead some prolific offenses and for that I will honor him here. By the way I’d love to find a jersey from those days. I think it’s time.

Game-Time Song of the Week

“Ladies and gentlemen, please
Would you bring your attention to me?
For a feast for your eyes to see
An explosion of catastrophe”

Come one, come all to the greatest show on turf.

Game-Time Recipes of the Week

Food. Glorious food.

Go Ravens and Happy Football everyone!

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