Ravens vs Chiefs Post Game Breakdown

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Ravens vs Chiefs Post Game Breakdown

Offense: It was an up and down day for the Ravens offense. They started off fast by scoring a touchdown on a 2 yard run by Mark Ingram on the opening drive that took 6:30 off the clock After a penalty on the PAT after the touchdown, the Ravens elected to go for two, but failed to convert. This would end up being a common theme throughout the game. This was the only score that the Ravens would have during the first half. To open up the second half, the Ravens again drove down the field relying on the run and Mark Ingram, who recorded his second touchdown on a 19 yard run to make it a 13-30 game. With 12:22 seconds, Mark Ingram scored his third touchdown of the game, but again, questionably, the Ravens went for 2 and failed to convert to make the game 19-30. The Ravens then trailed by 11 instead of possibly 10. The next Ravens drive, they were able to kick a field goal to make it am 8 point game, but the Chiefs kicked a field goal of their own to extend their lead to 22-33 with just 4:36 minutes to go. Lamar Jackson would then make a few big throws, one one which was a prayer to Willie Snead, who made a fantastic catch, and the other was a prayer to Seth Roberts. Lamar then made a video game-like run for 9 yards to score a touchdown, but again the team failed to convert on the 2 point conversion. The Ravens trailed 28-33 and the offense would not get the ball back. Lamar Jackson had his worst game of the season. It wasn’t horrible, but he seemed off throughout the day. He missed deep balls to Hollywood on a few occasions, and the accuracy he showed in the first two games just wasn’t as on point against the Chiefs. Now let me remind Ravens fans, Jackson is only 22 years old. He will have ups and downs, but you cannot panic. Lamar kept fighting and almost led the team to a major comeback at the end. He has a bright future and I fully expect him to bounce back next week against the Browns.

Defense: The Ravens defense had no answer for Patrick Mahomes. He tore them up pretty much the whole game. Mahomes was 27/37 for 374 yards and three touchdowns. There was many wide open receivers and a huge broken play that resulted in an 83 yard touchdown pass to Mecole Hardman in the second quarter. The pass rush also struggled mightily. If the Ravens didn’t blitz more than 5, then Mahomes seemingly had all day to throw. They only recorded one sack, by Matthew Judon. The linebackers couldn’t cover anyone, especially Travis Kelce, and it seemed like every screen or swing pass the Chiefs threw, was wide open and went for big gains. Finally, the defense had a chance to get the ball back to Lamar Jackson and the Ravens offense with a little over a minute, but on 3rd and 9, Mahomes threw a screen pass to the running back Darrel Williams for 16 yards to end the game.

Other Notes: I am not trying to blame the refs for this game, our team as a whole was outplayed and out-coached, but there were a few penalties against the Ravens that should not have been called. There was a pass interference call on Tony Jefferson, on a play that resulted in a pick by Brandon Carr, that seemed like it was just the receiver falling down. There was also a HORRIBLE holding call on Willie Snead, on a run play by Gus Edwards that went for 45 yards, which ended up leading to a Ravens punt on that drive.

MVP: This one is an easy one. Mark Ingram ran for 103 yards on 16 carries, and had 3 touchdowns.

Rookie of the Game: No one really stood out, or made a huge difference in the game, so based on stats Hollywood Brown was technically the best rookie in this game.

Defensive Player of the Game: Again, no one stood out, but Kenny Young had six tackles and 2 two tackles for a loss, including a great play on a 4th and short to get the ball back to the offense.

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