Ravens vs Packers Week 2 Preseason Preview

What the Packers Don’t Know: How fast Lamar Jackson truly is. If the Packers defense thought containing Texans QB Joe Webb last week was tough, try pinning down one of the most elusive quarterbacks in the NFL currently. Tackling will be a point of emphasis for the Ravens tonight.

What the Ravens Don’t Know: The depth of the Packers wide receivers. The Packers have depth running into the 4th-6th spots including Jake Kumerow & Darrius Shepherd who have been making noise in the offseason and during camp. The Ravens corner depth will most certainly be tested.

Eye in the Sky: The following players can be listed as potential standouts, flash players and tape players that you should have your eye on tonight. These players are in focus for their respective teams vying for a roster spot or depth chart positioning.


WR Jake Kumerow – Zero drops so far through camp and week 1

TE Robert Tonyan – Redzone looks, matchup effectiveness

OT Elgin Jenkins (Rookie) – Rotational player or starter material? Guard & tackle ready?

OLB Rashan Gary (Rookie) – Enough speed to chase down Lamar Jackson? Assignment sound? Pass coverage?

OLB Za’darius Smith (Free Agent addition from Ravens) – Miss you bro


QB Lamar Jackson – Accuracy improvement? Good choices and stay healthy.

WR Myles Boykin (Rookie) – Redzone looks, jump balls and matchup effectiveness

OLB Shane Ray – Healthy? Speed? Can he generate consistent pressure?

DB Cyrus Jones – Assignment sound? Special teams playmaker?

OL Patrick Mekari (UDFA) – Pass protection & run blocking. Mauler? Finesse player?

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