Marty Mornhinweg must go in 2019

Image courtesy of Baltimore Beatdown

The Ravens fanbase has been divided over the last several weeks. Between the Lamar Jackson vs Joe Flacco debate, or to fire or retain Head Coach John Harbaugh in 2019. But one subject I think the entire fanbase can come to agree on is: Offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg must go in 2019. There is just no simpler way to put it.

The Ravens lost Sunday afternoon to the Los Angles Chargers 23-17 in what was a rather lackluster game offensively. The offensive line played bad, Lamar Jackson had his struggles, especially with his issues of holding on to the football. But if you want someone to blame, if you want someone to point the finger at, it’s the offensive coordinator, not the 21-year-old rookie who was playing in his first playoff game. From the beginning of the game, you could tell the Chargers coaching staff made their adjustments and made sure to come prepared in this game since they had played this team and lost just a few weeks prior. Mornhinweg came into this game with the notion that the Chargers were just going to let him win the game with the same game plan that they had in week 16.

The running game wasn’t working like it had, but Mornhinweg just kept on doing what he was doing. The offense couldn’t have been more predictable then they were the first three and a half quarters. The Chargers were playing their safeties high in the box, basically as linebackers, leaving the middle of the field wide open. Daring quarterback Lamar Jackson to throw the football and it seemed the coaching staff were scared to let him throw the ball. Why play him at QB if you’re going to be reluctant to let him actually throw? After three quarters they only had three first downs. It wasn’t until there was 8 minutes left in the ball game when they finally decided to open up the playbook, but it was too little too late.

It seems to be the same song and dance with Marty and his play calling, just with a different quarterback. When it was Joe Flacco under center, he was throwing 40-50 times a game and wouldn’t run the ball consistently or even try to develop a running game. Now with Lamar Jackson all he’s doing is running the ball instead of trusting the quarterback that the front office traded up to draft in the first round to throw. The debate whether or not Lamar Jackson can become an accurate enough NFL QB is divided as it gets. I’m on the side of the isle where I believe Lamar can develop into an accurate NFL quarterback. However, I don’t think it will be with Marty Mornhinweg as his offensive coordinator. If anything, he will do more to regress Lamar as a QB then he will to progress him. Head Coach John Harbaugh has shown his massive stubbornness when it comes to moving on from his coordinators in the past. But with a 21-year-old quarterback you need to put him in the best situation to succeed for the future and surround him with coordinators and football minds that are going to do so. Marty Mornhinweg just isn’t that guy.


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