Week 7 Ravens vs Saints Preview

The Ravens host the Saints and will enter the contest with a full array of that shutout swagger from their 21-0 victory over the Titans. This game is chocked full of that classic best offense vs best defense material.

If the Ravens want their offense to be taken seriously, then beating the Saints with some style points would certainly prove they are finally putting something together under Marty Mornhinweg. However, the Saints come into Baltimore on a 4 game win streak and just got another set of fresh legs back with Mark Ingram.

Drew Brees and company can strike from anywhere, at anytime, but Brees is not a mobile, run out of the pocket quarterback anymore either. This game could be a display of extremes resulting in a shootout or even a low scoring game. The irresistible force meets the immovable object and this is my lock for game of the week.

The Ravens always play well at home and have enough defensive momentum to carry into this game.

In a game that is decided in the final minutes, the Saints come close but not close enough, Ravens 24 Saints 21

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