Quick Slants: Baltimore Ravens vs Cleveland Browns Predictions

Raise your hand if you loved Sunday Night. I know all of us Ravens fans have both hands ardently raised after the glorious night in Pittsburgh. Who would have thought that Marty “He believes in running the football, except during games” Mornhinweg would be looking like such a creative OC this far into the season. That play involving Maxx Williams will probably be outlawed by the competition committee in the offseason, but man it was a thing of beauty.

All bragging points aside, we must now turn our attention to the new look Factory of Sadness in Cleveland. These new Browns actually resemble a football team, and with Baker Mayfield under center, they actually have a victory under their belts. Let’s see what we at Purple Reign Show think:

1. James Revere: This is the first game in a while that feels like trouble. Unlike most games against the Browns, there is some concern from their defensive front. Miles Garret is the type of end that can give Offensive Linemen fits. Add him to Swiss Army Knife Jabril Peppers and Corner Denzel Ward, and their are some talented pieces to consider. Look for more misdirections and heavy Tight End sets to isolate Peppers and challenge the linebackers.

On the offensive side, this isn’t your grandfather’s Cleveland Browns. Jarvis Landry, David Njoku, and Carlos Hyde have provided Baker Mayfield with a plethora of security blankets. The front office regime change has seemed to work because providing a rookie quarterback talented weapons to make learning easier isn’t something they’ve done before. I look for Wink Martindale and company to disguise heavy blitzes and coverage packages all day to throw the kid off of his game.

Ravens 28 vs Browns 13

2. Frank B: If I asked you to pick out the word that doesn’t belong in this group: “No interceptions, creative offense, road win, Ravens,” surely you would have picked “Ravens.” Well, I must admit that I have been pleasantly surprised with this offense over the first 4 games. Building on that win, the Ravens travel to Cleveland where Joe Flacco will surely be under fire from Myles Garrett and company. The offensive line provided Joe Flacco time to pass but that was against a front four of the Steelers without much in the way of blitzing. The Browns will most likely want to colpy that blkueprint to a degree while also bringing blitz packages from a numbert of looks. No matter how Cleveland gameplans for pass coverage after their Oakland debacle last week, I still see the 10th in total offense Ravens hitting John Brown downfield and utilizing Willie Snead and Michael Crabtree as chain movers.

Ravens 27 Browns 13

3. Joe Hamilton: Fans are giddy since the Ravens walked into Pittsburgh and announced their presence with authority, but I’ve been concerned. That’s because the Browns are a joke of a team as they’ve been in the past. Their offense is in flux but Hyde, Mayfield, Landry, Calloway…these are all pieces they would have squandered in the past. Not to mention the Browns defense is LEADING THE LEAGUE IN TURNOVERS. If this game is in Baltimore I take Baltimore easily as they are playing just as strong as anyone right now. Being that it’s in Cleveland, this has the beginnings of a let down game. If Harbaugh keeps his guys in check, Baltimore still wins this thing. I just think a crucial mistake will happen to make this a cardiac birds type game.

Ravens 20 Browns 17

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