Fanduel Bankroll Builder: Week 3 Review


It took us three weeks, but much like the Browns, we now have a victory under our belts! We went 8 for 8 on the 50/50s! Also cashed one of two of the GPPs we played! In our 20 dollars worth of lineups we returned 34.80! It is not a huge financial number, but it shows a solid return on investment and hopefully we can build on it over the next few weeks.  Let’s look at what worked and what didn’t:

The Lineups

The core of our lineups was Alvin Kamara, Will Fuller V, and Latavius Murray.  Murray was owned in 85 percent of cash lineups in one of the 50/50s. Therefore, his massive let down was not a major issue.  Remember, we aren’t trying to win the 50/50s just end up squarely within the cash line.  The cash lines were down in the 117 area in most of the 50/50s.  These numbers were depressed due to the large number of people on Latavius Murray, Corey Clement, Vikings, Julio Jones, etc.  Many of the high owned plays did not produces as people had hoped.  Calvin Ridley ended up with 3 of Matt Ryan’s 5 touchdowns and his ownership in “cash games” was nearly nill.

Let’s take a look at the breakdown by positions:



Finding the right quarterback is so, so important to success in cash games.  Matt Ryan’s ownership was lower than I had anticipated and the results were great.  Garoppolo was playing catch up and just missed on a TD to Kittle before his season-ending injury.  Keenum was not effective against the Ravens.

Running Backs


Kamara predictably destroyed the Falcons with his receiving from the backfield.  He amassed 26.5 points and did it without a TD. Latavius Murray looked as shell-shocked as anyone from the Bills “virtuoso performance.” Breida missed time with an injury and still performed above our 2.0x goal.

Wide Receivers


I continue to struggle to find the value in the WR.  Allison got a long touchdown, Sanders had a rushing touchdown and Fuller had a great 2nd half.  We need receivers that score, that will be where I am trying to improve Week 4.

Tight Ends


Kittle seemed really close to having that monster day.  He had a good day, but could’ve been great.  The rest were a hit and miss crew.  Engram had a significant injury that may force me to stop trotting him out there each week with middling results.

Defense/Special Teams


The Vikings were everyone’s sweetheart this week and they let everyone down.  The Bears defense is legit and still priced a bit under the other elite options.

Final Results Week 3:

Starting Bankroll: 54

In Play: 20

Winnings 34.80

New Bankroll: 68.80


This week, I will be putting 28 dollars into play (a little above the recommended amount, but I like to gamble).  Let’s hope we can have another profitable week.  Check back Thursday night for my selected plays of the week.


Good luck and thanks for following along!

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