Week 2 Bankroll Builder – A Look Back (if we have to)


The Good: I improved from Week 1! It’s a moral victory at best.  This week I entered 20 dollars in tournaments and cashed for a whopping 4 dollars! There was a lot of late breaking news this weekend and it caused a few edits and (by mistake) I entered a player I hadn’t mentioned. I try to avoid this and try to update/tweet out any other players I considered.  I added Michael Thomas to one of my two teams and he obviously did really well.

Last week, I detailed the score I was attempting to attain to win 50/50s and double ups (120 plus).  Let’s take a look at the teams. As you can see, one of the teams reached that goal and cashed the 50/50.

Next week, I need to make better contest choices and play more of the 50/50s.  The lineups I built were for those types of games and shouldn’t be entered into the larger GPPs/quintuple ups/etc.  This is something  I struggle with.  Winning profiting a dollar and eighty cents doesn’t really get the juices flowing.  However, it is a solid way to build a bankroll and I have to be better at it. Let’s take a look at how the suggested player pool fared. This week, I will be entering both teams in four 50/50s and one small tournament each.

Let’s take a look at a breakdown of the suggested player pools.  Once again, this week I had some elite plays that I didn’t include on the teams I built. (I should really stop doing that).

The Final Breakdown

Here’s a breakdown of how the players performed by position:

The colors denote the return on investment.

Green: 2.0x and above

Yellow: 1.4x-1.99x

Red: less than 1.4


All of the QBs are green. That’s a good start. However, when you have Pat Mahomes throwing 6 TDs and 3 QBs going over 400 yards with 3 plus touchdowns it’s hard to keep pace.

Running Backs


Melvin Gordon was on pace for an absolute monster until the Chargers took their foot of the gas.  McCaffrey got the catches we anticipated, but didn’t find the box or he would’ve had that smash game I was hoping for.  James Conner’s usage dropped due to gameflow.  Chris Thompson will continue to be a name to watch in Washington.

Wide Receivers


That’s a LOT of red.  I take zero blame for Josh Gordon.  I was all in on Garcon this week, the offense put up 30 points and he was not a big part of it. I did not include Michael Thomas, even though I played him. I’ve got to be better here.  There were a billion yards receiving this week and I didn’t capture nearly enough.

Tight Ends


Another wasteland for me.  Gronk did not smash.  Njoku wasn’t good,. Ditto for Jordan Reed. Ditto for George Kittle. Thankfully, there weren’t many Tight Ends that went off.

Defense/Special Teams


A mixed bag from defense.  Houston couldn’t get any pressure against a team with 3 lineman out.  The Chargers built a huge lead and did a nice job.


Overall, I think the process is just fine (#TrustTheProcess).  I do need to make some improvements.  Wide Receiver/Tight end were a swing-and-miss this week. Quarterback looks fine, but we are shooting for 20 points at least each week from that position.  I will be looking to improve and put a check in the positives for week 3.

The Plan Going Forward

A total of 20 dollars in entries again this week.  So our bankroll looks like this:

Bankroll before this week (2) : $80

In Play: $20

Winnings: $4

Bankroll for Week 3: $56


I am going to continue to play 20 dollars again this week and will drop back to one team after that.  I will be playing eight 50/50s this week and 2 small other entries.  Good luck and check back later this week to see the suggested plays!




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