Should the Ravens have tried to trade for Josh Gordon?

Image courtesy of Dawgs by Nature

Getting that notification that the Cleveland Browns were parting ways with their star wide out, Josh Gordon was shocking too just about everyone. Josh Gordon was finally back. He had scored the game tying touchdown last week for the Browns, he had finally gotten his act together off the field, so he could pick up where he left off in 2013 when he had over 16 hundred yards for the Browns. Most of us were thinking why now? They’ve stuck behind the star wide out thru multiple suspensions, to cut him for being late to the facility for practice? It just doesn’t make any sense.

It came out this weekend that the Browns were going to cut Gordon, then there were others that came out and said that the Browns front office would attempt to trade him and get something back in return. Ravens fans got the news and immediately got on the train that Ozzie and the front office should be on the phone to bring him in, whether it was via trade or they did end up cutting him.

Why not Roll the Dice?

If the Browns do intend on trading him, it would be highly unlikely that they would trade someone of his caliber in division, but if no one else came calling, John Dorsey would have no choice, right? I don’t see why teams like The Cowboys or the 49ers wouldn’t see what the price would be for him. If it’s only a late round pick, there isn’t a whole lot to lose. Those two teams should be the first in line with how thin those teams are at wide receiver. But why not the Ravens?

Sure, Baltimore has a revamped wide receiver room after the offseason. And the wide receivers that Ozzie and company have signed have certainly looked to be solid additions. But those three wide receivers don’t bring to the table what Josh Gordon brings to it. With the multiple suspensions he has had, it’s like people forget he’s only 27 years of age. He’s at his peak and the prime of his career. And if it only costs you a late round pick, why not take the gamble? Why not roll the rice in hopes of it landing on an 11? We’ve seen the history the Ravens have had at drafting wide receivers, it isn’t a pretty list. The two wide receivers that they drafted this past draft included. Jordan Lasley hasn’t done anything, and Jaleel Scott won’t see the field till 2019.

Adding Josh Gordon to this offense, with these wide outs, and these tight ends could surely put this team in a great position to make a push in the postseason. Others will say signing an additional offensive lineman is the higher priority. Which is totally understandable with how the pass protection looked on Thursday night vs the Bengals. But is there anyone out there right now that will honestly make a significant change at the offensive line, like Josh Gordon will do for the receiving core. I think most of us will say take Josh. With his off the field issues I think it’s a long shot.

The city of Baltimore has long awaited a young receiver that could change the course of a game. Maybe, just maybe, Josh Gordon could be that guy.

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