Quick Slants: Baltimore Ravens vs Buffalo Bills

Let me take you back. Let me guide you to a place when the Bills brought Andy Dalton onto the field to praise him for helping the Bills sneak into the playoffs last season. If you think what you’re feeling right now is bad, I proposed to my fiancé the night of that game in Niagara Falls. My fiancé and I had to endure constant barrage from every Buffalo fan as far as the eye could see.

If I haven’t made you angry excited for Sunday’s game between Baltimore and Buffalo yet, I do apologize. For those who are seeking revenge as I am, here’s how myself and the Gentlemen here at the Purple Reign Show see our triumphant day occurring:

1. James Revere: That was the hardest night of my life. Not the proposal, but the enduring of constant laughs and snickers after the defense let a fourth and twelve scenario become a we just lost scenario. Either way, a new season looms, and I intend to make the most of it.

Luckily for us, this new Raven offense will do just the same against one of the worst rosters in football. Smokey Brown will continue the rapport he is developing with Joe Flacco by hauling in two TDs. The only way this will happen is of course because Alex Collins will be running all over the Bills Defense. Speaking of defense, there will be plenty of turnovers to go around with Mr. Nathan ” Call me, Sir” Peterman as their starting quarterback. Add to that the potential suspension of LeSean McCoy and this team will be dead in the water come Sunday night. Ravens win big here 27-7.

2. Chauncey Rollins: Ravens win outright 27-10. Ravens put on a dominant performance in the home opener by hauling in three turnovers. With a formidable run game, Michael Crabtree and Smokey Brown both haul in long touchdowns.


3. John Wachter: This game has the potential to be the easiest game of the year, but I must keep reminding myself about that pesky game last year against the Bears. That said, the Bills are quite possibly the worst roster in football. I look for Joe Flacco to continue his high level of play in the preseason. The coaches will have plenty of time to game plan for our Thursday night bout against Cincy as we will be up big by halftime. Ravens 31 Bills 10.

4. Phil Gentile: This one should not even be close. The Bills have one of the least talented rosters in the NFL. Joe Flacco should throw 2-3 touchdowns by the end of the half. The second half should be all Alex Collins. I’m 100% confident in a Ravens victory on Sunday. If they lose it will tell a lot about this team.

5. Joe Hamilton: The last time the Ravens faced the Bills on opening day, it was a 13-7 defensive smothering. I predict the same thing this year. The Ravens offense should be better, but the lack of time to gel could hurt the offense at first. The defense however; shall remain stout as the Ravens win 16-10.

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