PRS Roundtable: Predicting the Ravens Season Award Winners 2018

Before the Ravens and Bills kick off for Week 1’s opening battle, the writers at Purple Reign Show decided to put their (monopoly) money where their mouths are and lock down predictions on which Ravens are destined to win team awards at season’s end.  We asked each writer to predict the Ravens MVP, Offensive Player of the Year, Defensive Player of the Year, Rookie of the Year, and their W-L record.




Analysis: Most of our writers see Flacco as the key player to the season, and such, the most valuable Raven this season.  Matt and Joe went with Alex Collins, whose performance as the lead back could determine how effective the rest of the offense can be.  Phil is out on Humphrey Island, but it’s not an insane thought, as Marlon Humphrey’s emergence as a top flight CB could dictate how strong the Defense can remain as the Ravens continue growing


Offensive Player of the Year


Analysis: Three out of the five writers who picked Flacco as MVP had Collins as OPOY, and the two that had Collins as MVP then had Flacco as OPOY.  It’s clear that Collins and Flacco are generally thought of as the top players for offensive success this year.  James had John Brown as the OPOY, which could be an intriguing choice if Brown’s speed and drive lead him to be Flacco’s lead pass catcher.  Phil had Yanda, whose leadership on a retooled Offensive Line could be crucial to success in both the run and pass game.


Defensive Player of the Year


Analysis: Consensus is that CJ Mosley, in the middle of the Defense and on a contract year, will step up to be the biggest cog for the defensive group.  Surprisingly (or maybe unsurprisingly), no one picked Terrell Suggs, but Chauncey and Phil picked his projected pass rush mate, Matt Judon.  This is a clear sign that many of us envision a passing of the torch this season with Judon stepping up to be the big pass rushing threat on the team.  James had a unique choice of Michael Pierce, whose role as the DT on the line could play into a lot of success vs both the pass from a pass rushing stance, and vs the run from the standpoint of helping Williams eat up OL blocks. and getting to the RB in the backfield.  Joe picked Marlon Humphrey, again with the nod that Humphrey is expected to become the top CB and pass the torch from Jimmy Smith in this season


Rookie of the Year

Hayden Hurst

Analysis: Hayden Hurst narrowly gets the nod here, if we count Joe’s vote as half for Brown, half for Young.  This makes sense, as Hurst steps into an immediate hole at TE (when he returns from his injury) and with a QB who is well-known for looking towards TEs and RBs as safety valves.  Orlando Brown’s strong play in the preseason didn’t necessarily win him a starting job Week 1, but James, Matt, and Joe feel like by season’s end, Brown will have the job solely to himself and impress enough to be the best rookie.  Phil and Joe also nod to Kenny Young’s play at ILB allowing him to emerge as a playmaker in the Defense, and one of the bold predictions posted in Phil’s article (link) was that Young finishes the season as the Ravens leading tackler!


2018 Win-Loss Predictions

  • Matt Jergensen: 10-6
  • John Wachter: 9-7
  • Chauncey Rollins: 10-6
  • James Revere: 10-6
  • Matt Wise: 9-7
  • Phil Gentile: 8-8
  • Joe Hamilton: 9-7

Analysis: The Ravens improvements on the roster are a bit offset by having a tougher schedule this season.  While we all expect improvements, we also expect the Ravens to struggle with many of the teams they have to face, and still struggle with stamping a ticket to January football


So there you have it!  Feel free to hit up any of us on Twitter on in the comments section and tell us YOUR predictions for the season, or tell us why you think we’re wrong!  Let’s get at it, Ravens Flock!

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