Stock Report: Ravens Preseason Game Five

We are finally here. No more memorizing roster numbers of names that we’ve never heard of. Ladies and Gentlemen we are at the end of fake football.

For the post game analysis, Joe Hamilton and myself shared our thoughts on some of the roster bubble battles and of course who improved, and who missed their chance at making the roster with one missed block, ( cough, Perriman, cough).

James Revere: WOW!! I can finally see the Buffalo jerseys. While I’m glad we got that extra game, on account of Ray being inducted, it’s time to focus on those Xs and Os. Here’s what I saw:

1. Chris Wormley vs. Bronson Kaufusi:

One cannot help but be impressed by the depth of talent this team has on the defensive front. Wink Martindale has a stable of horses to rotate up there. These two men in particular have shown glimpses of talent. While Kaufusi had a monster of a game after moving to the edge last night, Wormley has had a steadier camp and one more year of control. Edge: Wormley

2. Jenarion Grant vs Tim White vs Breshad Perriman vs Jordan Lasley:

Four men. Two spots. Who would have thought the Baltimore Ravens would be having a battle for two RECEIVER spots. Perhaps new quarterbacks coach James Urban is having a bigger impact than we thought. Jordan has all the intangibles to make it in this game, but is still too raw. I think he gets IR stashed. Perriman had been making strides, but I think the missed block on the Mark Andrews run sealed his fate. Tim White played corner yesterday, and Grant did his steady return game. Edge: Tim White and Jenarion Grant

Joe Hamilton: I can’t believe it’s finally here. The regular season is upon us. That last game is always the worst one of the preseason. So while I made my daughter and I some tasty chicken sandwiches that would rival Chik-Fil-a, here’s what I saw after last night:

1: Darren Waller vs Maxx Williams: Hayden Hurst getting that stress fracture was a blessing in disguise for these guys. We saw why Marc Andrews will make this team last night. Everyone also knows Nick Boyle isn’t afraid to lay someone out for those few extra yards. While one can’t deny Waller’s big play ability, his repeated missteps cannot be ignored. Maxx showed up in the best shape of his young career ready to work. Edge: Maxx Williams

2: Kenneth Dixon vs Gus Edwards:

This became a bit of a surprising battle, but the undrafted rookie has ran his butt off this preseason. Dixon on the other hand hasn’t shown a lot of why he’s survived his health issues and personal missteps. Luckily for Dixon, Edwards has an injury and will more than likely head to IR. The Ravens like his makeup. Edge: Dixon.

There you have it guys. After what we saw last night, these are the ones who stock may have risen to the 53 Mark.

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