Quick Slants: Ravens Trade Kamalei Correa

Second round talent is usually expected to contribute to the team instantly. The second round has not been kind to this team and its history. Further example of this was proven today as our ravens traded Kamalei Correa to the Tennessee Titans for a sixth round 2019 draft pick. Here is what we at the purple reign show think about today’s move:

James Revere: I like most people thought the Hall of Fame game was the beginning of Correa’s coming out party. Since that game, his name being called has been few and far between. Rather than just releasing him, we at least gain a piece to build on our future. He joins Dean Pees and gets a chance to have a successful future.formula for this young man’s future. Thanks for your time in Charm City, and best of luck in Tennessee.

Joe Hamilton: Correa’s tenure will always be viewed in a negative light because of his first two or seasons. To be fair, he was usually played out of position.

Good for the Ravens to get something for a guy who was more than likely going to be cut or inactive for half of the season. This does have to leave another notch in the loss column for Ozzie’s draft status.

Mike Champagne: This move is probably for the best. This allows the Ravens to address their linebacking corps in the event that Kenny young or Timmy Williams do not work out.

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