Ravens Preseason Stock Report: Week Four

I am willing to believe that this preseason has seemed excruciatingly slow compared to others because we had to start early. We had better to get used to it as we have another Hall Of Famer being inducted next year. Two years in a row with five preseason games will be tough no matter who is watching. For us at Purple Reign show ; However, this is even more time to watch and research all of those lower tier players and whether or not they will make the roster. Here’s who we thought had a great game and who didn’t do themselves any favors.

Stock Rising:

1. Stanley Jean-Baptiste: This guy has been having his name called all around the preseason. Now yes I know he’s only been playing against twos and threes, but the technique he has shows why. Tonight was no question as he maintained perfect inside position and was able to make one of the two INTs the Ravens had tonight. Unless he completely drops off, we all will be hearing his name this season.

2. Bradley Bozeman: I’ve seen this young man rotate a lot around the offensive line this preseason. Tonight he was placed at his natural position, and in this writer’s opinion didn’t disappoint. He maintained a squared up approach and actually engaged blocks at the second level a few times. As late as we drafted him I don’t believe any of us saw him as our starting center immediately. I will say though, he certainly showed better than his counterpart who shall be noted in the falling section. Keep your eyes on this guy,

3. Delance Turner: This is a name I didn’t even recognize. Out of nowhere a 65 yard touchdown run from a backup running back. He showed great vision and proceeded to turn on the jets after hitting the second level and it was off to the races. Later in the game he put his power on display. While I don’t believe he will be able to unseat  either Gus Edwards or Marc Jackson, he will be one to watch against the Redskins on Thursday.

4. Kenny Young: In the battle for ILB next to CJ Mosley, Kenny Young makes nothing but plays. Peanut however, was exposed on some long coverage plays downfield. There seems to be a very good chance Kenny unseeds Peanut for that spot to start the season.

Now here are the folks who may have a better chance as Wal-Mart door greeters than members of our football team.:

1. Matt Skura: Now here is a guy who has officially helped me lose all faith in the depths of our Offensive Line. Everyone of the replays I saw of tonight’s game saw Bozeman having to lend a second hand to Matt. He is undersized, over performed last year, and runs the risk of being over exposed this year if given a starting spot. It will be interesting to see what happens with him.

2. Kenneth Dixon: For somebody to show all of the talent and potential in preseason, Kenneth has done the exact opposite of what to do on your special day. With Gus Edwards and company make pushes for themselves, Kenny has slowly faded further down the depth chart. If he doesn’t right the wrongs quickly, he may be latching on with another team soon.

3. DeshonElliot: To be fair to this young man, I only include him here because of the fractured forearm he sustained during the game. Weddle and company have been screaming about how good this kid could be. Luckily IR doesn’t mean we lose him, its just a tragic way for the young man’s season to go.

So what say you Raven Nation? Who shined brightest this game? Who needs to work a little harder?

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