Jimmy Smith: Is This The Last Straw?

We’ve all seen this before. There’s always that one person at work  who always seem to get away with everything. No matter what he or she does, they are always guaranteed to live to see another day professionally. There is no denying their talent, there just seems to be a rather large gap between scenarios when they display said talents.

Jimmy Smith is a prime example of this. When he is on the field, Jimmy fits the profile of top cornerback in the league. The defense is so much better with him on one side of the field. The only problem is, the injury bug has followed him around for most of his career. Lately though, it’s the mental side of his personal life that seems to be getting in his way. Last season he was suspended four games for a violation of the NFL’s substance abuse policy. This didn’t impact his season as it was already lost due to injury.

img_0436       His latest mistake was apparently known about by the Ravens for sometime. We as fans are obviously not as in the know as team officials are. Jimmy was suspended four games for violating the league’s personal conduct policy. This was all stemming from a prolonged dispute with his ex girlfriend over custody of their child. While no physical abuse occurred, Jimmy apparently was very emotionally and mentally abusive according to an investigation performed by the NFL.

For somebody who is paramount to the team’s success, this has got to be what some may view as the last straw for Smith. He never seems to be available for a full sixteen games, and that usually ends up costing the Ravens big. So do we bite the bullet and let him walk after his contract is up? Or does Eric DeCosta decide to bring back Jimmy based solely on his talent? I for one think that if Eric is wise with his approach, and a little bit manipulative, we could see Jimmy Smith end his career here for half the price we would expect him to cost. All DeCosta would need to do is make certain Jimmy knows how wanted but extremely unreliable his is. If Smith believes the “hype”, he’s ours with money left to spare.

Either way, while the depth of the secondary is a major strength this season, not having a talent like Smith on the field against the likes of Antonio Brown will have a hard effect on our playoff hopes early.

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