Ravens vs. Colts Viewing Guide

Courtesy of Baltimore Sun

Monday Night Football!

Cue the music and bring over all your rowdy friends to watch the starters play a quarter or two. Tonight’s third pre-season game is usually the one that most resembles actual football and it means that we are one step closer to the start of the season. That’s exciting!

Oh, I see that this game will start a dreaded three fake games in eleven days for the purple and black. We still have two more of these after tonight!? Well at least the team should be able keep its injury free run of luck during that stretch since most tackles are bringing out the yellow laundry these days.

So how can get through tonight’s contest with as the Ravens lock up with the old Baltimore team, I have some ideas.

  1. Quarterbacks, Quarterbacks – Fans are hoping that Joe Flacco continues to look sharp and that Lamar Jackson shows some more improvement tonight. And then there’s RG3, who so far has played well enough to make the team. Even if he doesn’t end up staying here I’d be surprised if another team doesn’t sign him. On the opposite side there’s Captain Andrew Luck who appears to be firing his sidearm with accuracy in the past few weeks and considering the long road he’s had getting back on the field he’ll definitely be one to watch even though he’s not one of our guys.
  2. Let’s Get it On! – I’m ready to count how many times the announcers reference the scuffles this week during the joint practices between the two teams. Guys are fighting for their jobs so emotions boil over occasionally. The reactions from the head coaches were fairly interesting as first man and former Terrapin Frank Reich wasn’t pleased, “We’re football players. We’re professional football players. We’re not fighters. This is not the MMA, we’re not in a cage, so that’s unacceptable,” Meanwhile the veteran Coach Harbs was a bit more dismissive,“Is this a healthy obsession we all have with fights at joint practices? It’s really, it’s nothing. It’s much ado about nothing. It got broken up pretty quickly.” Will there be any residual effect from these tussles? Will anyone really care?
  3. By the Power of Zeus Junior Orlando Brown jr. has quickly asserted himself during training camp and he should be taking snaps with the first-team offense tonight at Right Tackle. The coaching staff have said that James Hurst has a leg up on the position but I think most of us know that Hurst has had success at Guard, not at either Tackle position during his time here. If Brown can win the job then Hurst could move back inside where he belongs. This would allow the other competition at Center to shake out with Alex Lewis able to overtake Matt Skura. These moves would give the team it’s biggest and best unit to protect Flacco and to open holes in the run game.
  4. Perriman in or out? – The former first rounder needs another good performance to survive the cut. I still don’t see him on this roster as he doesn’t offer anything on special teams or in the return game so I’m still leaning towards him getting a visit from the Turk. I also feel that Tim White and Janarion Grant both need to make some noise as well because I think the Ravens are fairly set at the position and I like Chris Moore and Willie Snead as return options.
  5. The Return of Waller – With Darren Waller’s return from suspension what does that mean for the other hopefuls at the Tight End position? Ginger Thor and Mark Andrews are locks but where do the Ravens turn to with the final two spots? Nick Boyle and Vince Mayle are my choices at this point which leaves Maxx Williams in bust territory. Waller needs to remind me why he should make this team. Yes he’s six foot six but he has as many NFL touchdowns as he does drug suspensions. Why bother?

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