Quick Slants: Preseason Game #2

Look at our big group of overachievers. While most teams were taking their uniforms out of the plastic wraps, our boys in purple and black were ready for the second week of free football. The folks here at Purple Reign Show were watching. Here’s what we saw:

James Revere: While It was only one series, the first team offense looked GOOD. Flacco was healthy and it showed. Hayden Hurst is showing why he was the first overall pick in the draft. He has a maturity for the game most rookies don’t have. It will be fun to watch Flacco calling his name a lot this season in the red zone. Lamar Jackson showed a very big growth from his first in game action. The ability to change his throwing motion on a whim may be another weapon he has at his available arsenal.

Let’s not forget about that defense. Suggs and Judon have the makings of scary bookendS and showed why tonight. Tim Williams has grown a lot in one season. If he establishes himself as another pass rush option our secondary gets that much better, I leave you with a question, “When the heck did Breshad Perriman learn how to catch that well?”


Phil Gentile: I was at the game (in a suite NBD) so I didn’t have the luxury of listening to the announcers but Flacco looked extremely sharp and Lamar Jackson was a beast. He broke a couple of nice runs and showed some real patience in the pocket. The real story here is the defense. They looked ready for Week One and I can’t wait to see this team on the field. Opposing offenses are going to have a LONG  day ahead of the when they visit The Bank. Overall it was a dominant performance. Perriman is the leading receiver. IS THIS REAL LIFE?

Matt Jergensen: The Ravens gave the home fans a lot to be optimistic about in the coming season. Joe Flacco was sharp and displayed renewed mobility on the opening touchdown drive. LJ showed improvement during his extended time under center. The defense was aggressive and swallowed up the Rams back-ups all evening racking up turnovers. It was clear which team hadn’t played yet.

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