Ravens/Bears HOF Gameday Live Thoughts



by Frank Bonincontri


I decided to do something a little different and write this article live during the game. I want to put my in-game thoughts down live, in the moment while they are fresh. I will recap each quarter once completed and document key plays in each quarter.

Hope you enjoy & let’s go Ravens!

Key Plays First Quarter

(in order)

-Ravens interception off a helmet deflection by Safety Chuck Clark

-Bears interception S Houston-Carson off of WR B. Perelman’s hands

-Bears FB Michael Burton 4 yard touchdown catch 7-0. Underneath route into endzone

-Ravens TE M. Williams 5 yard touchdown catch 7-7

-Ravens LB Correa intercepts Chase Daniel. Excellent read by Correa to break on the ball out of coverage.

First Quarter Summary

Ravens defense looked fast, noticed hands going up almost every play…Thought the defensive line generated some good pressure…The interception by Clark was a nice heads up tip-ball drill grab and the Correa interception was simply a great read…The offense looked a bit sluggish to start…Seemed like RG3 was rusty but could feel them getting better the longer they were on the field…They were able to generate a great drive to score the touchdown but never really took any deep shots downfield…Robert Griffin showed some nice moves dodging defenders but did take a sack and was hurried often…Orlando Brown looked solid, seemed to have a little trouble with the speed rush but held down the right side well.

Key Plays Quarter 2

-Robert Griffin sacked, 7 yard loss by Robertson-Harris, 4th down

-Sack by K. Correa for a 5 yard loss, big hit

-FG 10-7

Second Quarter Summary

Defense seems comfortable, flying around…Linebacker Kamalei Correa is flashing everywhere and comes up with a nice sack end of quarter…The defensive line also generating nice pressure…Robert Griffin settling in and looks decent scrambling, Seems like he does not want to sit in the pocket long…Rookie tight end Hayden Hurst with a few nice grabs and splits out wide on one series, beats his man in tight coverage and makes a nice catch…Josh Woodrum enters the game late and throws nice pass to WR T. White, follows it up with an nice scramble outside…Lamar due up after halftime.

Key Plays Quarter 3

-Strip fumble by forced by rookie safety D. Elliott, recovered by Ravens

-Hayden Hurst 8 yard touchdown, great pass from Jackson in-time

-Fourth down stop on defense, LB Kenny Young. Shoots the gap and blows up the back

-Bears DB Grant jumps route and picks off Lamar Jackson. Seemed like a late throw, needed to get ball to outside of receiver

-LB Correa with a strip sack on Bears Tyler Bray, 7 yard loss

Third Quarter Summary

The Lamar era begins with a scramble, looks fast but ends with a three and out…comes back next drive and buys some time, scrambles and delivers nice pass for a first down…Lamar with a beautiful pass to Hayden Hurst in the end zone but foul on the play makes it 1st and goal…comes right back and throws a dart to Hurst for a touchdown,..scoring drive looked pretty good, Jackson with quite a few scrambles but settled down for a few key throws and seemed to find a little rhythm…Defensive line providing plenty of pressure and Bears offense looking out of sync…Correa again, showing up all of over the place, this time with a strip sack…Bears defense getting consistent pass rush by scheme and also straight up man-to-man…few big plays given up by Ravens defense

Key Plays Quarter 4

-Bears FG 10-17

-All out blitz, DB Bennett Jackson with sack for a loss of 8 yards

-Bears WR Gentry with blatant push-off for a 10 yard touchdown. 2pt conversion failed, 17-16

Fourth Quarter Summary

Jackson comes out to start fourth quarter with nice accurate bullet pass…defense with a few blitzes to open up the fourth quarter…Defense playing hard all game, Bennett Jackson with the hit of the night and of course a helmet call (get used to this)…overall, Ray Lewis has appeared to fire this defense up for the game, haven’t seen them really slow down…offense was dragging by mid quarter and Lamar is taking a little too much risk on his scrambles getting hit hard on a few runs…

Game Summary Ravens 17, Bears 16

Overall, way too early to draw conclusions on Lamar Jackson or offense as a whole. Remember that it is only preseason and to keep it in perspective. The offense is being installed and there will be growth. The biggest takeaway from this first preseason game for me, is that the defense looked fast and assignment sure considering new coordinator. Kamalei Correa made a huge statement tonight and was in the middle of every play it seemed. Rookie tight end Hurst grabbed a touchdown and looked good blocking and receiving.

I enjoyed watching Orlando Brown hold down the right side of the line. His development will be key in anchoring the offensive line and paving the way for the ground game. Lamar looked just as described in preseason, up and down but he is a rookie and will continue to find his groove. I’m not worried. The playcalling as a whole during preseason is always vanilla and basic but he was able to settle down and make a few nice throws. The key for Jackson will be making improvements in each preseason game.

Thanks for reading my live game thoughts and post up on twitter @TheFFLWire & @PurpleReignShow for Ravens discussion anytime!














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