Quick Slants: HOF Game Recap

Ladies and Gentlemen, the most wonderful time of the year has arrived. The beginning of the countdown to Festivus has begun. We here at The Purple Reign Show are adamant about decorating our metal poles and airing our greivances. That’s why we have decided to unveil our quick slants. After every game, some of our esteemed writers will offer their opinions as to what transpired, how it could effect the team, and what to look forward to. Without guilding the lily and any further ado, I give you, the staff of The Purple Reign Show:

James Revere: After so much heartache with the Orioles, seeing Ray Lewis and the rest of our boys really made a difference tonight. Robert Griffin III showed the reason why we may carry three quarterbacks this season. To those of you who think Lamar Jackson is already our backup, I say lets pump those breaks just a bit. While yes he was behind the second and third string linemen, there were a lot of throws that didn’t have the accuracy you hope for. He did show flashes, but this young man is at least a season or two away from starting in this league.

Chuck Clark and Kamalei Correa showed up in a BIG WAY tonight. The move to the outside seems to have energized Correa. I look for him to have more reps first team next week.

Joe Hamilton: I gave Kamalei Correa a lot of offseason crap about needing a breakout season. The HOF Game was a damn statement for Correa. He looks like he is ready to fight for his job. He was ALL OOVER THE DAMN PLACE.

Play calling on both sides looked more creative and improved, but OL depth has to be a concern. Beyond the top six guys,  no one else looked strong enough against third team defenders.

RG3 showed that he will make a strong push to be a 3rd QB here, or on a team elsewhere. Lamar had an up and down performance. While he showed lots of speed on his scrambles and led thee offense well, his nerves showed at times including that forced INT. He will get better though, and it was good to see him get out and get some reps.

Matt Jergensen: A few things stood out to me in the first preseason game of 2018. Hayden Hurst catches everything, Kamalei Correa would like to stay a Raven and Lamar Jackson is a rookie. The new helmet rule is going to be interesting to watch players adjust to. At any rate football is back friends.

Phil Gentile: There was quite a bit to like about this game. RGIII showed he has the potential to be a capable backup to Flacco. Correa played like a beast at his natural position. Go figure! Pretty odd to see Chris Moore (the supposed #4 receiver) get zero targets in a game where the top three receivers sat out. Hayden Hurst is a stud. He’s going to be fun to watch this season. The 2018 draft class was pretty solid overall actually. Good first game for the rookies. It’s good they get four more preseason games to continue learning. We saw a glimpse into the Ravens future last night and it’s bright.

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