Ravens Training Camp: July 31


IMG_1102.jpegRavens Training Camp: July 31

I attended the Ravens Training Camp this morning, and here are some notes and observations that I made.

Absences/Injury Updates:

  • Some notable absences from today’s practice were Kenneth Dixon, Mark Andrews, and Tyus Bowser.
  • Tony Jefferson returned to practice after missing two days.

Observations and Notes:

  • I sat on the side of the offense, so I did not see many individual drills from special teams and the defense, but I will share what I saw from team drills and offensive individual drills. The team was also practicing without pads today.
  • The one kickoff play that I saw ended up as a drop by Tim White. He is currently considered the starting kickoff and punt return man, and there have reportedly been many issues with drops from potential kick returners, so that wasn’t a very comforting sight.
  • I also saw Justin Tucker hit a 64 yard field goal, and UDFA kicker Kaara Vedvik hit a couple long ones, but also missed a few kicks.
  • Individual receiver drills went very smoothly with barely any drops. John Brown had another impressive day with an amazing catch jumping up and over Marlon Humphrey, and Tim White had an impressive catch in the endzone and did a good job of staying in-bounds. Jordan Lasley stayed after practice and put in extra work with the jug machine.
  • For the quarterbacks, they all started off just a little rough with a few overthrows by Flacco and Robert Griffin, but Flacco ended up having a great practice making many tight window throws in team drills, and was very accurate in individual ones. RG3 didn’t have a great practice today, as he missed on a decent amount of throws. I did see him putting in extra work after practice, which is good. Lamar Jackson had a solid days, with some pretty impressive throws. His deep ball is impressively accurate. He still shows a kind of wobbly spiral, and even my grandmother noticed it. The wobbly spiral wasn’t really an issue at all though when it came to his accuracy and arm strength. Jackson also put in extra work with QB coach James Urban, while the kickers had the field to practice field goals. RG3 was also there helping Jackson during that time. Joe Flacco ran the first team, and Lamar Jackson and RG3, for the most part, rotated with the second team. Josh Woodrum also showed off with some nice accurate throws in individual drills. Joe Flacco, Lamar Jackson, and Josh Woodrum all had nice deep throws that ended up as touchdowns on the day, and it was overall an impressive day for the offense.
  • For the offensive line, Orlando Brown continued to start at right tackle. Alex Lewis on one play lined up at wide receiver, and went out for a route, but unfortunately he was not targeted.
  • Marlon Humphrey had his second straight day of good practices after struggling a bit. He had some really good coverages and never really gave much separation to the receivers. Tavon Young stood out again, and he had a really nice pass breakup on Michael Crabtree in an 11 on 11 drill. Maurice Canady picked off Lamar Jackson on a pass that was tipped by the receiver and was bobbled before Canady got control of it on his way to the ground.

To recap, the offense really shined today with multiple touchdowns and Joe Flacco had another strong practice. John Brown had the play of the day on a catch over Marlon Humphrey. On the defensive side of the ball, Humphrey and Tavon Young played well. It was a great experience as a fan, because everything was so organized and the employees were beyond nice. Many Ravens players stayed after and signed autographs for the kids. If you get the chance, I highly recommend coming to a practice.  

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