Third and Long: Illegal Contact

Photo Credit: Yahoo


So what have you been doing to pass the time until NFL 2018 begins?

Maybe you’re a Capitals fan, and if that’s the case you’re still basking in the glow of a championship and most likely took off work to get a start of the weekend. Or maybe you’re ready to watch a NBA Finals sweep this evening? Or perhaps the ponies have you excited for this weekend. Or maybe the Orioles … forget it.

What I’m really trying to say is that we still have a way to go before Training Camp opens and football but until then let’s read what’s on my mind.

  1. You get a fine, and you get a fine – The league announced Wednesday that the Ravens had been fined and forced to forfeit their remaining OTAs due to undisclosed infractions. This isn’t new as this is the third time (2010, 2016) Coach Harbaugh has been nabbed for an infraction during Organized Team Activities. It’s difficult for me to really comment when we currently have no idea why the team was disciplined. If I could speculate and I will, I think it had something to do with contact during drills. The infraction seems minor but it just looks bad that you seemingly can’t follow rules that have been in place for about seven years. I guess the proper spin to this would be that at least it gives the players less time to get injured.
  2. T.O. is a No-Show – Terrell Owens made an announcement this week to the surprise of no one stating that he won’t attend his own induction into the Hall of Fame this August. So far he’s only given this vague statement saying he will be “elsewhere” and will let everyone know at a later date. Boy, I can’t wait. Sarcasm doesn’t translate well in written form so let me clarify – I couldn’t care less. I don’t have the energy to decipher why he doesn’t want to be part of day to honor himself and join an exclusive football fraternity. I just hope that the media mentions his name only once that day and instead moves on to celebrate a worthy list of inductees.
  3. Local vs. National – It’s amazing how different the national and local media are on their perceptions of the Ravens. I understand that the national guys need to cover the entire league and can’t devote the necessary minutes and energy to take a closer look but they really don’t know what the real story is around here. Let’s use Lamar Jackson as an example. National outlets feel that he is poised to take the job from Flacco sooner rather than later and that Flacco is under the most pressure of any starting quarterback to deliver this season. I’ll agree that Flacco needs to step up or get gone in 2018 but right now it’s Flacco’s job to lose. Just read this comment from John Eisenberg written over two weeks ago.

“The possibility of [Jackson taking over] in 2018 has tantalized some fans and a slice of the national media, but … it’s clear there’s really no competition right now,”

There’s no competition right now. None. Keep that in mind the time someone tells you how Jackson will run the offense this season. No question Jackson is the future but that isn’t now.

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