Top 5 Most Disliked Raven Players/Coaches

Since it’s the off-season we can all sit down and reflect on the past of the Ravens franchise and at the same time reflect on players that broke our heart or coaches we just simply didn’t like. I’ll be doing a top 5 of the most disliked Ravens players and coaches in franchise history.

5. Ray Rice

A pro bowl running back who won a super bowl with the Ravens and banned from the NFL for a year to never getting another chance to play again after footage dropped of him assaulting his girlfriend. Most of the Ravens fan base is split up when it comes to how they feel towards Rice, some have forgiven him while others still hold a grudge against him for the incident.

4. T. J. Houshmandzadeh

4th and 18, T. J. breaks on a comeback against William Gay for a wide open look and an easy first down only to let the ball bounce off his chest and seal the loss in a playoff game against the Steelers.

3. Dean Pee’s

Throughout the Pee’s era the Ravens defense has had its most memorable choking moments which consists of 19 blown 4th quarter leads. 4th and 12 against the Bengals and blowing a 14th point lead twice against the Patriots in the play offs will always stick in our minds but what people don’t usually bring up is the fact it all started when the Ravens almost blew a huge lead in the super bowl.

2. Lee Evans

The touchdown that would of won the game and sent the Ravens to the super bowl against the Giants. Instead of securing the catch Lee Evans let the ball get poked out from behind him which would end up leading to the infamous Billy Cundiff moment.

1. Billy Cundiff

“32 yards wide left” It’ll always be stuck in the back of every Raven’s fans head. The easiest opportunity to send the AFC championship to overtime and get another opportunity to try and win the game only to have our hearts completely shattered. This play to this day is still talked about and will forever haunt every Ravens fan.

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