Building The Ultimate Ravens Concession Stand


Yesterday the Ravens announced lower prices on most of the food and drinks items around M&T Bank Stadium. While this is a wise move on the part of the organization, I decided to take it a step further and assemble some of the best food around Charm City that needs to be available during Ravens games. Enjoy!


Crabcake from Jimmy’s Famous Seafood

6526 Holabird Ave, Baltimore, MD 21224

Crabcakes and football…….that’s what Maryland does. What more perfect way to celebrate the food of our homeland that eating while watching the Ravens dominate the Steelers on a cool autumn afternoon. Why don’t we have a Jimmy’s Seafood in the stadium yet? Inexcusable.


The Bmore Brd from BRD

301 W 29th St, Baltimore, MD 21211

The Falcons are a bunch of bimbos. Building a Chick-Fila in your stadium that’s closed on Sundays??? Well check this out. BRD in R House is the most legit chicken sandwich spot in Charm City and it dominates those bible thumpers from Chick-Fila. My mouth literally started watering when I googled pictures of this damn sandwich. I mean look at that thing.


Pit Beef Sandwich from Chap’s Pit Beef

5801 Pulaski Hwy, Baltimore, MD 21205

A true Maryland original. Nobody outside of this area knows what pit beef is but that’s ok. It’s our own little secret. Chap’s has been featured on Foos Network and Travel Channel numerous times but they never change their look. They are one of the few remaining old school spots left in the Baltimore area and they deserve to be in M&T Bank Stadium.


Buffalo Wings from Kisling’s Tavern

2100 Fleet St, Baltimore, MD 21231

Im a wing aficionado and Kisling’s has the best around. Seriously. I really can’t describe why though. The sauce, the flavor, the crisy skin. It’s a perfect chicken wing. Might be a little messy for stadium fare but I’m sure that won’t stop people from digging in.


Maryland Tots from Alexander’s Tavern

710 S Broadway, Baltimore, MD 21231

This is arguably the perfect stadium food and by that I mean you can eat it with a fork and it’s covered with crab dip. Alexander’s has multiple varieties of tot dishes on their Fells Point menu but the Maryland Tots are the clear winner.


3 Cheese Pie from Matthew’s Pizza

3131 Eastern Ave, Baltimore, MD 21224

Simply put it’s the best pizza in Baltimore and deserves more exposure. Went here for my most recent wedding anniversary and the place is straight out of an episode of The Sopranos.


Tempura Broccoli from Ekiben

1622 Eastern Ave, Baltimore, MD 21231

All this meat is giving me the sweats! Let’s lighten it up a little. This might be my favorite veggie item in the world. So delicious you won’t even know its good for you!


Union Brewing Company

1700 Union Avenue, D, Baltimore, MD 21211


The best beer made in Baltimore.


The Berger Cookie Shake from Abbey Burger Bistro

1041 Marshall St, Baltimore, MD 21230

We need something sweet after all that meat right?!?

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