Third and Long: Taking Off the Shackles

Photo Credit: Getty Images


It’s Friday Ravens fans and I have one question for you: When was the last time you saw the Sun?

I’d make a joke about Seattle or buying an Ark or maybe about Ark dealerships in the state of Washington but I actually want you to read this column every week. So without further groan worthy comments here is what’s on my mind from the past week.

  1. Winking Aggressively – It’s fair to say that Dean Pees had worn out his welcome as Defensive Coordinator here in Baltimore. Unless you liked three man rushes and blowing forth quarter leads, you were ready for change. Most likely you were in the majority who wanted to see a return to the “Organized Chaos” that had become a staple of the franchise’s success. So I know that I was pleasantly encouraged to hear the latest comments from Terrell Suggs on the promotion of Don Martindale to the position.

“These young, hungry bulls [can] kind of get back to the way we used to do things and taking the shackles off of us, so to say. … Sometimes a player can be shackled by the rules that come with the defense, but I think Wink is just going to allow us to go make plays,”

The Ravens certainly made an effort to revamp the offense but if the defense can remain healthy and aggressive it could be one of the most elite units in the league. Now, that’s something to get excited about.

2. Slashing Prices – The number of no-shows at home games over this past season was noticeable. It seemed that not even a possible playoff appearance could get fans to sell-out The Bank. The relationship between the organization and its fan base has been strained due to a variety of factors from player protests to a boring on field product. However, this week was the first step from management to extend the olive branch to its supporters as they cut prices on most concession stand items. Everything from bottled water to beer and fries to hot dogs will cost you less in 2018. I don’t think it’s a bad start to help repair fan concerns. Although I admit I don’t normally buy much in stadium as I prefer to indulge in tailgate fare. It truly is cheaper and usually superior quality on the outside. It’s a least a start and shows that management is listening to fans and are attempting to make customers happy.

  3. Collins is the Feature Back – There’s some debate among fans if Alex Collins really is capable of being the lead back in the Baltimore offense. Regardless of how you view his skills it looks as if he’ll get plenty of chances to prove his worth next season. The Ravens didn’t select a Running Back in April so it would seems that the staff thinks Collins is the man for the job. Since Ray Rice departed the team has had four different leading rushers in five seasons. Only two other teams have had more in that span. Collins averaged 4.59 yards per carry, and showed that he can do a variety of things when called upon. I stand behind the choice and hope that he will deliver what the Ravens need behind what could be a very good Offensive Line.

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