Joe Flacco Needs To Be A Professional and Help Train His Replacement

Joe Flacco helped bring a Super Bowl trophy to Baltimore. No denying it. He put together one of the most impressive playoff runs in NFL history. However, since Super Bowl XLVII the Ravens are 40-40. Now obviously that record isn’t 100% due to Flacco’s poor play but a quick look at his numbers show he has been a slow decline since that Super Bowl victory. Last month the Ravens drafted Lamar Jackson and to me it’s clear what Joe needs to do……anything and everything to get the Louisville standout ready to be the league’s next superstar quarterback.

Now rumors are circulating that Joe Flacco has still not reached out to Lamar Jackson. Personally I don’t care who has called who or hasn’t text who. None of that matters. I’m worried about what happens when the two quarterbacks are together at camp.

Let me be clear……..Flacco’s #1 job is to be the best quarterback he can be. In an ideal world Joe would perform to new levels in 2018, earn his $24,750,000 cap hit, and take the Ravens back to the playoffs. This would be best for the team and for Lamar Jackson, who would get a full year to learn from the sidelines. Flacco’s #2 job is to help mentor the team’s heir apparent.

We’ve heard the stories about Peyton Manning and Brett Favre refusing to work with young quarterback talent during their playing days. It was wrong then and it’s wrong now. You put the team first when you’re a leader or you risk losing the entire locker room. Peyton and Favre, however, are Hall of Famers. Flacco is certainly not.

On the other side of the ball Eric Weddle went out of his way to tutor Anthony Levine and help him become more than just a special teams player. Despite playing the same position, Weddle knew it was up to him to make those around him better. That’s what makes someone a leader.

Joe Flacco has been the Ravens starting quarterback for the last decade. That’s pretty damn impressive. With his career winding down, Flacco needs to do the right thing… a professional and help Lamar Jackson be the best player he can be. Football is a team sport. It’s not all about you. If you want to keep your legacy here in Baltimore going then do the right thing. That’s what a real leader would do.

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