Third and Long: The Future Can Predict Itself


Happy Purple Friday Ravenstown.

As you can clearly see, Purple Reign Show: The Website is back and stronger than ever. We have an army of writers providing you with a wealth of knowledge and commentary on all things purple and black. Over the past few weeks we’ve proven our superiority by literally crushing the competition with our comprehensive draft coverage. But alas, the draft has finally concluded and now we enter that long wait until Training Camp. It may seem difficult to find things to take your mind off the fact that football still hasn’t returned full time yet.

That’s where I come in.

Third and Long is a new and hopefully recurring segment that I plan to bring you every Friday. In it I go over the stories of the past week and give you my take on things. Agree with me, Disagree with me or Ignore me. It’s really up to you. But make no mistake I may have a trick or two up my sleeve when its .. Third and Long.

  1. So when is Joe Flacco getting benched/traded or released?

As soon as Lamar Jackson’s name was called as the last pick of the First Round the questions about Joe Flacco’s future immediately followed. Over the past week I’ve read numerous articles and watched several football gurus weigh in on the subject. It really boils down to two things, how quickly Jackson can develop into a NFL Quarterback and how well Flacco can perform with an improved supporting cast. The days of having a young quarterback hold a clipboard for several seasons are on the decline. Over the past ten drafts, each of the twenty seven signal callers selected in the first round started in either their first or second season, Flacco being one of them. Jackson’s selection comes at a time when Flacco has been statistically one of the league’s worst quarterbacks. Since he signed his large contract, he’s garnered a 82. 1 passer rating in the past five seasons. Certainly injuries and a lack of commitment to the offense play in to those numbers but nothing lasts forever friends. Right now I think that Flacco will remain the starter for much of this season and won’t be on the roster in 2019 as Jackson assumes the full-time duties. Honestly there are a lot of variables that determine both men’s fates. Maybe Coach Harbaugh is on to something as he had this to say about the situation.

“You take it one year at a time in this league, You want to predict the future? Great, that’s cool. I get it. But the future is going to come and it can predict itself, really.”

Or maybe … not.

2. Perriman: Declined

The Ravens officially declined the fifth year option of the former first round pick yesterday to the surprise of no one. Perriman is another in a long line of drafted receivers by Newsome and company who has underwhelmed the fan base. Over the past few months the franchise has spent time, energy, and resources to give the receiving corps a complete makeover. The team currently has a plethora of pass catchers ready to compete in camp but realistically Perriman will be jockeying with six other players for two spots. I don’t like his chances. In fact I’d be shocked if the Ravens don’t cut him before training camp begins and take some of the cap savings as an added bonus.

3. Nobody wants Dez.

There was quite strong and spirited debate amongst the Ravens faithful on the potential signing of Dez Bryant. Bryant supposedly spurned Baltimore’s multi-year deal instead looking for a one-year prove-it type contract. As of today he is still unemployed and his status may not change any time soon. The market for Dez has been quiet to say the least with teams unwilling to even offer him the league minimum at this point. The Ravens offered him close to seven million dollars a year and while I think some team will sign him by the time the season opens Bryant will have to wonder if he should made a different decision. It also makes me feel that Baltimore may have dodged a very expensive bullet.




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