Winners & Losers Of This Years Draft (@sleepyintellect)

Draft Class creates new opportunities and spoils others

Another draft is officially  in the books, as we begin to shift the focus to mini camp and eventually training camp, its time to asses this years draft picks and how they will affect guys who are currently on the roster. Each team goes through a complete overhaul during the offseason with the adding and realeses of players. This year the Ravens roster will take form with a infusion of young talent, some ready to make an immediate impact day one, others may take a little time to develop. With this upcoming draft class ready to find its footing, what current players role will diminish.

Could we have one of the leagues best Olines this year??


As the old saying goes, games in the AFC North are won up front in the trenches and the Ravens may have solidified their right tackle position in this years draft. Two guys you may want to keep an eye on heading into camp are Bradley Bozeman and Orlando Brown Jr. Ravens have a knack for producing great linemen in years past (Kelechi Osemele, Ryan Jensen, Michael Oher) so theres reason to be excited about these guys playing right away. Of course theres no denying the remarkable story of Zeus Jr and connection he has to the organization being around great players like Ray Lewis and Ed Reed as a child. But from a pure football standpoint, the kids dominant, once he gets his hands on a opponent he completely owns them. Don’t kill me with historic low combine numbers I’m tired of hearing that debate, once the darts start flying in live game play all that statiscal hoopla goes out the window, can you beat the man in front of you and Brown does that. Another guy to keep an eye on is Bradley Bozeman out of Alabama, coming from such a high profile university hes matched up against Nfl level defensive lineman and theres a vacancy at the center position that up for grabs.

Looks like we have our guy already at rb.. Or do we??


Even with the additions of so much offensive talent Baltimore didn’t add one running back through the draft this year, not one. The front office must be sold on Alex Collins as the long term solution, fumbles were a problem early on but that seems to have been corrected. Get this man 1,000 yards this season!! He has done all the right things both on and off the field and has represented the organization in a professional manner, cant help but root for the guy. I was high on Buck Allen a season ago and he made great strides last year being a change of pace back who showed better patience between the tackles and we know he’s a threat catching the ball. Third year man Kenneth Dixon is still the unknown, promising rookie season but he cant seem to shake the injury bug.

IMG_0678LOSER: Maxx Williams/ Nick Boyle

Looks like time is up for these guys. Ozzie loves his TE however neither guy has panned out to be the vertical threats that we envisioned. Maxx has been hurt more than he’s played and Boyle just doesn’t have the finesse to be a every down weapon in the passing game. Not to mention both of their contracts are up at years end, drafting Hayden Hurst in the first round and then goin to grab Mark Andrews in the third round (comparisons to Travis Kelce) show that the Ravens are ready to turn the page. Hurst will be TE1 at the start of training camp and Andrews will be lined up in receiver packages, giving these two rookies opportunity to make an impact Day1.

Tick tock tick tock… Times Up

LOSER: Breshard Perriman

Man it seems like yesterday we were so excited about this guys potiential and all the blazing speed he possessed and how he was going to turn around our misfortune at receiver. Unfortunately injuries have plagued his career and a okay year two campaign resulted in a horrific year three campaign. Wetook two receivers back to back showing the lack of faith we have in the guys on our current roster(aside form the free agent pick ups of course). I believe we only keep six receivers this year similar to last year and I don’t think Perriman is in the scope of plans this season. I do believe he will be given every opportunity to succeed in preseason but he needs to really wow people if he wants to stick around.

The Ravens made a commitment to leave no stone unturned this year and by the reults of this years draft the future is beginning to take shape. Ozzies final draft has the potiential to step up the organization for years to come. Only time will tell. Stay tuned Ravens Nation.

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