Grading the Ravens 2018 Draft Class

The 2018 NFL Draft is in the books and the 1st 2 days of the Ravens draft deserve an A. They got 2 sure handed TEs & the RT of the future. They also got a QB who will excite the fans & could win a lot of games. A few Day 3 head scratchers hurt the grade.

My final overall grade for the Ravens 2018 NFL Draft is a B.

I have also graded each of the Ravens 12 draft picks individually.


Hurst, TE: I would’ve been than happy taking James or Edmunds at 16. It’s clear, though, that the Ravens were going to fill their biggest need early on so I’m glad they traded back to do it. Hurst fills the need & has a pair of desperately needed reliable hands.


img_9285-1Jackson, QB: He was my QB5 from the beginning. Jackson has real accuracy & durability concerns, but he’s the best running QB since Vick. His success depends on building an offense around him.

This one gets bonus points because the #Ravens filled a “win now” need first.


Brown, OT: Previously mocked to the #Ravens at 16, he would seemingly be a great value in the 3rd. Clearly, they’re relying more on his outstanding tape than on his historically bad combine. We’ll know early on if he’s able to make NFL rushers take the long way around.


Mark Andrews
Andrews, TE: Outstanding value. Andrews gives Flacco (& eventually Jackson) a reliable target who’s extremely adept at finding open space. With Hurst & Boyle already in the fold, Andrews won’t be asked to do any blocking and that’s good news. He could be the next Pitta.


Averett, CB: As Ozzie said… “You can never have too many corners”. Averett provides 4.3 speed, versatility, and experience playing DB for Nick Saban. Initially expected to bring depth, Averett has the physical tools to develop into a starter.


Young, LB: An uncharacteristic pick for the #Ravens. This feels like a grab for need & a bit of a reach. Young is a talented coverage ILB with legitimate sideline to sideline speed. I just believe that they could have gotten him, or someone similar, later on.


Scott, WR: This is where things get interesting. I am glad the #Ravens landed two WRs & that they didn’t take one in the 1st. I simply question why they passed on certain WRs (Gallup, Washington, etc.) & who they took. Scott, at this point, is a tall jump ball WR.


Lasley, WR: Those who follow me know the story my now. Leading up to the draft, I called him undraftable. In addition to some off field problems, he had enormous drop problems at UCLA. For a team that talked about the importance of WRs catching the ball, this is odd.


Elliot, S: The Steelers took @nfldraftscout 11th ranked S (Edmunds) in the 1st round. Elliot was ranked 12th. A one time All American, Elliot profiles best as a box safety who can cover RBs & TEs. I would’ve liked a FS at some point, but this was all about value.


Senat, OT: Is it just me or do the Ravens always seem to take developmental OTs? Senat is a college basketball player who looks the part, but has a lot to learn about football. He’s almost certainly headed to the practice squad. Could this have been a RB like Wadley?


Bozeman, C: Bozeman is a big interior lineman who could be a nice option at center for the Ravens. One of Bozeman’s biggest positives is that he practiced against NFL defensive lineman everyday. My only question: Why so many OL? They now have 12 on the roster.


Sieler, DL: He dominated lower level competition. Per reports, his physical tools are all there & I think he profiles as a prototype 5 technique DE.

This grade has NOTHING to do with Sieler. Could they have taken a big name player here & signed Sieler an hour later?


***As seen on @TheMattWise on Twitter.

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