Ravens Draft Pick Profile: QB Lamar Jackson

Wow. Just wow. Lamar Jackson is the future of the Baltimore Ravens franchise at the quarterback position.

Listen to these numbers…….1,600 rushing yards. 45 total touchdowns. That was Lamar Jackson’s 2017 season. I mean the guy had better college rushing numbers than SAQUON BARKLEY. He is arguably the most electrifying player in this year’s draft class and he is coming to Baltimore.



40 Yard Dash: N/A
40 Yard (MPH): N/A
20 Yard Dash: N/A
10 Yard Dash: N/A
Weight: 216 pounds
Height: 6’2″
Age: Turns 22 on January 17th


Depth Chart Update:

What does this mean for Joe Flacco? Well it means his days in Baltimore are likely numbered. If Flacco were released or traded before June 1st, 2019, Baltimore would save $10.5 million in cap-space, while having $16 million in dead cap, only for the 2019 season. If he were released or traded after June 1st, 2019, the $16 million in dead money would be divided in half over the next two seasons ($8 million in dead cap space for 2019 and 2020) and Baltimore would save $18.5 million in cap-space for the 2019 season. RGIII was obviously brought in to teach Jackson about the NFL game while Joe Flacco plays the 2018 season. Beyond that the team will be in the hands of the former Louisville standout.

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