Ravens Day 2 Draft Predictions

You know the story by now. Trade down. Trade down. Tight End. Trade up. Quarterback. What’s next?


After the dust settled from the 1st round of the 2018 NFL Draft, the Ravens were left with the number one TE on their board and the most athletic (and polarizing) player in the entire class. The selection of South Carolina’s Hayden Hurst filled the Ravens’ biggest need and trading up for Louisville’s Lamar Jackson signaled a changing of the guard in Baltimore.


While 1st round picks are the ones that are the ones that are most talked about, successful teams build their deep and well constructed rosters after the average fan has lost interest in the draft.

After the wheeling and dealing of the 1st round, the Ravens are left with no selections in the 2nd round, and two selections in the 3rd. With the 65th and 83rd overall picks, it would seem likely that the Ravens will seriously consider a WR and an OT. Selections of players at those positions would fill needs and likely be of good value.

WRs that could be available when the Ravens pick tonight include:

  • Gallup, Colorado
  • Miller, Memphis
  • Hamilton, Penn State
  • Pettis, Washington
  • Washington, Oklahoma St.

OTs that could be available include:

  • Brown, Oklahoma
  • Richardson, North Carolina St.
  • Christian, Louisville
  • O’Neill, Pittsburgh
  • Rankin, Mississippi St.

While WR and OL are my preferred positions, it is important to remember the Ozzie Newsome typically adheres to the famed “Best Player Available” strategy. While they are positions of less pressing need, do not be surprised if the Ravens select an ILB, a S, or an EDGE rusher should a talented one fall into their lap in the 3rd.

From the very beginning of the draft process, I have said that the Ravens should pass on a receiver in the 1st round and take advantage of the depth at that position on Day 2. With the way that the 1st went in terms of both the Ravens selections and the board as a whole, the opportunity to execute that strategy is staring Ozzie & Co. in the eyes. And so, here’s my prediction:

(65) Brian O’Neill, OT//Pittsburgh


(83) Michael Gallup, WR//Colorado State


Strap in, folks. It’s sure to be another fun night.

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