Instant Analysis: Baltimore Ravens Select TE Hayden Hurst In First Round Of 2018 NFL Draft

Trade alert: The Baltimore Ravens traded their 16th overall pick to the Buffalo Bills. The Ravens move back to 22nd overall pick and also get the Bills 3rd round pick (65th overall). The Bills will also receive the Ravens 5th round pick (154th overall).

Trade alert, the sequel: The Baltimore Ravens trader their 22nd overall pick to the Tennessee Titans. The Ravens move back to 25th overall and also get the Titans 4th round pick (125th overall). The Titans will also receive the Ravens 6th round pick (215 overall).

The pick: With the 25nd pick in the first round of the 2018 NFL Draft, the Baltimore Ravens select Hayden Hurst, TE, South Carolina.

The teams logic: Well, it took a while, but we finally know who the Ravens first draft pick of 2018 is. Hayden Hurst, most likely the most complete tight end in this draft class, will come in and start immediately. He fills a huge need for the Baltimore Ravens heading into day 2 of the Draft.

The good: Hurst possesses great size and athleticism. He should be come quarterback Joe Flacco’s security blanket sooner rather than later. He is sure-handed and has great concentration, so I can foresee him being a big third-down option. He only had one drop in 100 career catches. He runs the seam pretty fast and can make a big play.

The Bad: Hurst will be 25 when the season starts. He pursued a career in baseball before switching to football full-time. He only has two years of experience at the position. He doesn’t sell his fakes all too well and sometimes tips off the defender to the route he’s running.

My take: Even though I had Hurst as the number one tight end in the draft class, I still found myself hoping for TE Dallas Goedert when push came to shove. Nevertheless, it was a solid pick and fills a need. Joe Flacco has a new best friend. And to get an extra third round pick (which can almost be looked at as a late second round pick) and an extra fourth on top of a starting TE that will be a playmaker? I’m satisfied.

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