Save your “Snead” remarks…

Chris Moore, Michael Campanaro, and Tandon Doss. What does these guys have in common? Three men who fit the mold of slot receivers and failed to live up to their billing. To be fair, Moore has shown flashes last season that he has some serious talent, but on the deep ball. This team has been lacking in this department for a while, but that all changed just a few days ago.

Willie Snead had an offer sheet signed by the Baltimore Ravens to the time of a two year, 10.4 million dollar deal. All reports are indicating that the Saints will not match. This means Joe has his third shiny new weapon of this off season. So how will this effect the offense going forward? Let’s talk about it.

Willie has developed a reputation of being able to actually hang on to the football. Considering the amount of drops that Joe had to deal with last season, he should be meeting with his new toy everyday until training camp begins. There is an opportunity here to have something special. Crossing routes against Mic linebackers, working the underneath against single safety coverage. Willie Snead could become Joe’s favorite target very quickly.

What makes you think he could beat that kind of coverage, James? Well it’s a good thing you asked. With a 40 time of 4.62 out of the draft, and an impeccable route tree in his bag, this young man screams separation specialist as long as he isn’t vertical. What he lacks in deep threat speed, he will more than make up for with contested catches over the middle. Look for some tight window throws actually hitting on the mark this season with Joe hitting this guy in confidence as linebackers fall down without laying a hand on our new slot receiver.

While everybody else has been clamoring for Dez Bryant, this guy has been hoping the Ravens would snatch this guy from New Orleans. Only being a year removed from a 72 catch season, a change of scenery could be exactly what Willie Snead needs to become a household name in Baltimore, and the NFL.

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