Matt Wise’s 2018 NFL Draft Top 50

The 2017 College football season. The NFL Combine. Pro Days. Hours of film on hundreds of prospects. The long process is finally over and I am ready to put a bow on it by releasing my 2018 NFL Draft Top 50.

Its been fun everybody; I am certain you’ll all agree 100%.

1) Barkley, RB//Penn State
2) Nelson, G//Notre Dame
3) Chubb, EDGE//NC St.
4) Rosen, QB//UCLA
5) Darnold, QB//USC
6) Fitzpatrick, S//Alabama
7) Ward, CB//Ohio State
8) James, S//Florida State
9) Edmunds, LB/Virginia Tech
10) Vea, DT//Washington


While its unlikely that he goes first, Barkley is the best player in the class. With the talent available in the top 10, it should be hard for teams to miss.

11) Smith, LB//Georgia
12) Allen, QB//Wyoming
13) Mayfield, QB//Oklahoma
14) Davenport, EDGE//UTSA
15) Payne, DT//Alabama
16) Guice, RB//LSU
17) Daniels, C//Iowa
18) Alexander, CB//Louisville
19) Ridley, WR//Alabama
20) McGlinchey, OT//Notre Dame

Mike McGlinchey

If they stay put, this is likely the Raven’s range. Ridley and McGlinchey are the two most likely options at 16 while Guice, Daniels & Davenport are all dark-horse options for the pick.

21) Evans, LB//Alabama
22) Hughes, CB//UCF
23) Vander Esch, LB//Boise State
24) Hernandez, G//UTEP
25) Moore, WR//Maryland
26) Bryan, DL//Florida
27) Jones, RB//USC
28) Wynn, G//Georgia
29) Sutton, WR//SMU
30) Jackson, CB//Iowa


WRs Moore & Sutton and LBs Evans & Vander Esch are all players that the Ravens front office could fall in love with. While I see those four as “reaches” based on my board, positional need might force a pick.

31) Williams, OL//Texas
32) Kirk, WR//Texas A&M
33) Michel, RB//Georgia
34) Landry, EDGE//Boston College
35) Harrison, S//Alabama
36) Jackson, CB//LSU
37) Jackson, QB//Louisville
38) Key, EDGE//LSU
39) Gesicki, TE//Penn State
40) Oliver, CB//Colorado


If the Ravens are able to trade back and accumulate more picks, players like Kirk & Gesicki would be solid options in the tail end of the first round.

41) Price, C//Ohio State
42) Hurst, DL//Michigan
43) Goedert, TE//South Dakota St.
44) Phillips, DL//Stanford
45) Chark, WR//LSU
46) Hurst, TE//South Carolina
47) Bates, S//Wake Forest
48) Penny, RB//San Diego St.
49) Miller, OT//UCLA
50) Andrews, TE//Oklahoma


TE is perhaps the Ravens biggest need, but it seems unlikely that any of my Top 4 will be available at their current second round pick, #52. If they want one, they will likely have to reach for one at 16 or swing a trade and grab one somewhere between the middle of the first and the middle of the second.

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