With the 16th pick in the 2018 NFL draft the Baltimore Ravens select…

Derwin James – Some Ravens fans will hate this pick but if he’s there when the Ravens are on the clock this is a pick that makes sense while the majority will complain that we picked pick him over Calvin Ridley (Assuming that he’s also still on the board). Eric Weddle is only getting older and now is a perfect time to draft a young talented safety to get groomed under Weddle so there will be a solution at that position long term. Rewind back to after Ed Reed went to the Texans and the Ravens drafted Matt Elam who ended up being a total bust, the Ravens were desperate at this point to try and at least fill that void a little bit which ended up becoming a total nightmare. Matt Elam, Michael Huff, Kendrick Lewis, Ladarius Webb, Darian Stewart, it was a complete circus at the safety position. The biggest mistake was trying to address the position after Reed was gone instead of figuring it out before it was too late and not developing a safety while the Ravens took a gamble on a rookie his first year and we all know how that ended. Hopefully Ozzie Newsome learned from his past mistake and addresses this before it’s too late and this becomes a circus all over again and here’s to hoping Derwin James isn’t another Matt Elam if the Ravens do end up selecting him.

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