2018 NFL Draft: Offensive Top Fives 2.0

MoorePro days are in full swing and I am getting very close to locking down my positional Top Fives for the 2018 NFL Draft. I will release an expanded final rankings list the week of the draft. First up, the offense:


1) Rosen, UCLA

2) Darnold, USC

3) Allen, Wyoming

4) Mayfield, OU

5) Jackson, Louisville


1) Barkley, PSU

2) Guice, LSU

3) Jones, USC

4) Penny, SDSU

5) Michel, Georgia


1) Ridley, Alabama

2) Sutton, SMU

3) Moore, UMD

4) Kirk, TAMU

5) Chark, LSU


1) Goedert, SDSt

2) Gesicki, PSU

3) Hurst, South Carolina

4) Andrews, OU

5) Schultz, Stanford


1) McGlinchey, ND

2) Williams, Texas

3) Miller, UCLA

4) O’Neill, Pitt

5) Brown, OU


1) Nelson, ND

2) Daniels, Iowa

3) Price, OSU

4) Hernandez, UTEP

5) Wynn, Georgia

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