Ranking the Free Agent Wide Receivers Available For the Ravens

10. Kendall Wright (Bears)

Since posting 94 receptions in 2013, it’s been an up and down career for Kendall Wright. He seemingly misses a handful of games each season with various injuries and has been on some pretty bad teams to boot. At age 28 it makes more sense for teams to find a receiver in the later rounds of the draft so it might not be until later in the offseason until Wright finds a home.

9. Danny Amendola (Patriots)

The human concussion machine is a nice slot option when healthy. With the injury status of Edelman I would assume the Pats bring him back on a cap friendly deal before free agency starts. The team could have Michael Campanaro for cheaper anyway.

8. Jordan Matthews (Bills)

I had really high hopes for Mathews when he entered the leader. He seemed like a Larry Fitzgerald type. A well-spoken receiver with nfl bloodlines that could be an impact player for the next decade. His career in Philly was marred by drops and he was unable to make plays in Buffalo. He will most likely benefit from a change of scenery but the Ravens can’t take a chance on a guy with so many questions. They already have development receivers like Tim White, Quincy Adeboyejo, and Chris Moore to worry about.

7. Donte Moncrief (Colts)

In 2015 it appeared that Donte Moncrief was on his way to becoming a superstar receiver in the NFL. He had 100+ targets in ten starts and caught six touchdowns. However, over the next two seasons his production came crashing down due to the health of Andrew Luck and frankly Moncrief’s inability to stay on the field (missed 11 games of the last 32 games for the Colts). He is only 24 years old so he could be a nice value for teams with already established top end receiving options. The Ravens are not one of those teams.

6. Mike Wallace (Ravens)

Been there, done that. Ravens need to clean house and start fresh at wide receiver. If Torrey Smith becomes available he would be a good replacement as the team’s deep threat option.

5. Terrelle Pryor (Redskins)

Loved his skill set when he was in Cleveland and thought he was completely misused in D.C. last season. If the Ravens are going to take a gamble on any of these second tier receivers I hope it’s Pryor. He could be a star in the right system.

4. Marquise Lee (Jaguars)

Despite leading the Jaguars in catches last season, I think Lee fits better as a #2 receiver in the NFL. Like most of the players on this list, Lee’s biggest problem has been staying healthy. With the Jags likely to lose Allen Robinson I could see them pushing hard to keep Marquise Lee. Losing both of their starting wideouts would really force their hand in the draft.

3. Paul Richardson (Seahawks)

Richardson set career highs in catches, receiving yards, and touchdowns in 2017. Unlike the top two names on this list, the Ravens signing of the former Seahawk would mean the team would still be in the market for a #1 receiver in via trade or free agency.

2. Sammy Watkins (Rams)

I’m torn on Sammy Watkins. He has flashed so much potential in his time with the Bills and Rams but he’s never been able to put it together for a long stretch until last season. Caught seven touchdowns from Jared Goff and could be a similar weapon to have the Ravens used Steve Smith Sr. during his tenure here. On a team almost completely devoid of playmakers he fits the mold.

1. Allen Robinson (Jaguars)

Younger and cheaper than Jarvis Landry, the former Jaguars receiver would also save the Ravens from having to trade off any draft picks. Robinson had 20 touchdowns between 2015 and 2016 before a season ending ACL in Week One last year. He’s in the prime of his career and would be the best receiving weapon Flacco has ever had.

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