The Case For DJ Moore In Round 1


If I said this a couple months ago it would have been laughed at. Still, I’m sure plenty of people might not think taking him in the first round is smart. This isn’t a mock draft simulator world though where you can get him in the 3rd or 4th round. In the actual draft, I don’t think he makes it out of the first round. Could we possibly trade back in the first round a handful of spots and possibly land him? Very likely but if we really want an impact receiver I say we take no risk in losing him and get him at 16.

So many fans wanted JuJu Smith-Schuster last year and previously Stefon Diggs among many others that have slipped through the cracks. While Moore might be as highly regarded as previous first-round receivers in recent years he is still one heck of a football player. At this past weekends combine he was not expected to run as fast or be as tall as he was. He ran an official 4.42 weighed in at 210 lbs at 6 feet tall. By the way that’s the same height as Calvin Ridley and 21 lbs heavier, the number 1 rated receiver by nearly every draft analyst. Oh yeah, he was faster too, Ridley ran a 4.43. Even to be able to run the same speed at 21 lbs heavier is quite impressive. In the tough AFC North Ridley’s small frame compared to Moore’s running back type frame is a big deal for durability concerns. He might not be the polished route runner Ridley is but he’s also more physical getting off press coverage. In the AFC North, I’ll take the more physical over the more polished receiver with finesse.

NCAA Football: Towson at Maryland
Moore played with four different quarterbacks this year and yet still set a school record with 80 receptions for 1,033 yards and eight touchdowns. He possesses both long speed and short area quickness and in most cases, it’s one or the other with receivers. Six foot is the perfect height to be able to play outside and yet not too tall and still quick enough to be dangerous in the slot. He’s very elusive to make people miss yet powerful and big enough to break tackles. He also brings added punt return skills. Beyond his tremendous skill set his character is raved about and brings no off-the-field concerns. The Ravens know the Maryland Terp well and Joe Hortiz mentioned recently on the Ravens- The Lounge podcast that he knows Moore well and has for a long time. I’m predicting the Ravens land DJ Moore and won’t hesitate a bit to turn in that card for the 16th pick.

By Chad Racine

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