Welcome To Purple Reign!

Welcome to the official website of the Purple Reign Show!

Our show (the best Ravens podcast on the internet) has been available on iTunes and Stitcher for quite some time but honestly we’re selfish. We want to steal more of your free time soooooo we made a website.

I’m not very good at many things but I am really really good at finding talented writers. Folks like Matt Wise, Chad Racine, Matt Jergensen, John Wachter, Keith Tabor, and some new faces will be featured here and I promise you will enjoy their work immensely. Who knows maybe I’ll even write an article from time to time.

(Editor’s Note: we will be adding some more writers as we continue to grow. If you are a passionate Ravens fan and would like an opportunity to write about the team shoot me an email at purplereignshow@gmail.com)

We have been working on this site for quite so we hope you like it. Be sure to give us a follow on Twitter @PurpleReignShow for more of our exclusive content. Also thanks so much to the folks at Baltimore Beatdown for hosting our show on their website while we built our new home. My talented co-host Logan Levy writes for them and I make it a daily routine to check out their stuff. You will still be able to find our show there each week and their Ravens coverage is second to none.

With the draft right around the corner and fantasy football prep not far behind that, we will be here for you for much more than just Ravens coverage. We hope you enjoy our stuff and check back often. Stay classy Baltimore!

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